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Ortmark Art Advisory ceaselessly scans the world looking for high-quality contemporary art. All other aspects of collecting contemporary art are also looked after for collectors.

The firm provides independent advice on the purchase, collection and sale of contemporary art internationally. Advice is tailor-made based on collectors’ preferences in terms of art medium, budget, knowledge and desired degree of involvement.
Considerable time is spent to listen and discuss, source, negotiate as well as taking care of all practical aspects of collecting. Ortmark Art Advisory has an extensive network of contacts with galleries, auction houses, logistic firms and other art market participants around the world.
My passion is to find art that collectors will derive inspiration and pleasure from over many years. Art buyers may know instinctively what they like, but expertise is needed to gauge whether they will like it in five or ten years and if it is likely to retain its economic value.
Collectors should primarily view their art purchases as a source of pleasure, but financial aspects should not be neglected. Long-term studies show that Contemporary Art has returned not significantly less than Equities with a lower correlation than other alternative assets such as real estate and private equity. 

My education and professional background ensure absolute integrity and discretion.
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